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Andreas Spieler

„Ich würde gern die Schönheiten der Natur mit Pinsel und Farbe auf Papier oder Leinwand festhalten. Da ich das aber nicht kann, bleibt mir nur die Fotografie.“


Allgemein / 1 Comment / 21. April 2020

  • Andreas Spieler / April 25, 2020 / Antworten

    When people find out that I do boudoir photography, though the majority are very supportive, oftentimes there are people who have assumptions that aren’t always right…

    They’ve gone out of their way to tell me that what I do is too scandalous, too chauvinistic, too exclusive, and my favorite, “it’s basically pornography.”


    Boudoir photography is none of those things, far from it actually. If you’re ever at a crossroads with someone and you have the compassion (and time) to educate them, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    The History

    It was in the 1920s when female sexuality began to rise: the moment where women were not only fighting for a way to be looked at as equals to men (voting) – but also when they were using their bodies for their own empowerment.

    In this time, boudoir was seen as too risque – it was in France that a bunch of rebellious women revolutionized this movement of female sexual-aesthetic empowerment by creating a trend called… you guessed it, boudoir.

    I mention this history because I want to make it clear why many women have decided to be a part of a boudoir shoot. It isn’t solely about sexuality, it’s more about the empowerment of self.

    Yes – It’s Powerful

    You may see the boudoir photos I shoot and go “wow she’s sexy…” but that’s not really what my overall goal is about.

    The majority of my clients tell me that when they shed their clothes and listen to my directions; even though they feel that they’re stepping outside of their comfort zone, they begin to have an understanding – about themselves in a new light.

    They’ve told me – it’s in this discomfort that they discover who they are, what they’re capable of, and how to appreciate and love their bodies (again).

    This type of self-reflection is something special to witness. We live in a world where beauty standards are defined by the mainstream media. And yet, here in this boudoir photography session, she and I are able to break through those barriers of insecurity and show how naturally beautiful she can be in her own skin.

    To go even further, it doesn’t matter if they’re already confident or not. You’d be surprised how many people need to be reminded that who they are, right now… is all they need to be.

    I cannot recall how many times a client will look at her photos and begin to cry, crying as they’re reminded how important their own life is: life is filled with so many trials, and providing a way to feel self-love is a tool to help or amplify the downs or ups of your life.

    Boudoir is Inclusive

    It doesn’t matter the background, age, or body figure… anyone is welcome: everyone deserves to embrace their own beauty. There is no requirement whatsoever because I believe that there is beauty in everyone.

    If you’re going to take away anything from this email. I want to make it clear that boudoir is more than just a way to photograph someone.

    It’s a way to empower, awaken, inspire, and remind her that they are indeed worth more than they know. Boudoir is about loving… YOU!

    – Michael Sasser – the Boudoir YouTube guy

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